- The World's First Internet Currency (since 1994) -

The Currency of the United Nations (UNOBank)

- UNDollar Foundation Innovation Awards -
(The awards include prize money of 1 million UN-Dollar each)

  1. Konrad Zuse (for inventing the computer); here a speech, he held in the Deutsches Museum in Munich in the year 1981
  2. Ferdinand Piëch (for inventing the 1-litre-car VW XL1)
  3. Bill Gates (for inventing Windows NT)
  4. Intel (for inventing the first microprocessor)
  5. Steve Wozniak (Apple) (for inventing the PC (Apple I))
  6. IBM (for inventing the IBM PC)
  7. Ted Turner (CNN) (for inventing the United Nations Foundation)
  8. Craig Newmark (for inventing Craigslist.org)
  9. Larry Page and Sergey Brin (for inventing the Google search engine)
  10. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger (for inventing the Wikipedia encyclopedia)
  11. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) (for inventing the x86-64 architecture)
  12. Steve Jobs (Apple) (for inventing the iPhone (SmartPhone))
  13. Dietrich Lohmeyer (akkurad GmbH) (for inventing the solar-velomobile)
  14. Bruce Warwick (Warwick Yacht Design) (for inventing the Warwick 100 ("W 100") sailing catamaran)
  15. Knierim Yachtbau (for inventing the Tûranor Planet Solar)
  16. Jeff Bezos (for inventing the AWS Cloud)
  17. Elon Musk (for inventing the Tesla eCars)
  18. Larry Ellison (for inventing the Oracle database)
  19. Michael Stonebraker (for inventing the Ingres and Postgres database)
  20. 2ndQuadrant (for inventing the Postgres-XL database)
  21. Michael Widenius (for inventing the MySQL database)
  22. PayPal (for pioneering the internet payment)
  23. Marc Zuckerberg (for democratizing the guestbook)